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What are your opinions on spinal injury in young cat?

I've been caring for a young cat that I found injured a few nights ago. I took him to the animal E.R. directly after I found him, as he was walking funny and had some blood around his back end. He wasn't in pain, and was alert and friendly. Vet x-rayed him and found that his tail had separated from his spine just below the pelvis, and there was some suspected trauma to one of the vertebrae higher up the back (near waist-level). Cat has little bowel/bladder control, but his hind legs are functional -- he can walk & jump with minor difficulty. His tail is, of course, completely dead. The vet has prescribed a course of Prednisone to reduce inflammation along the spine from the injury, in hopes he will regain some elimination function as the injury heals and inflammation dies down. Best guess is that the cat got his tail caught in/by something and wrenched it almost off getting away. My question is, how likely is it that he will regain his elimination functions, given that he's got good mobility in his legs, but dead tail? I don't know where the nerves are that control that bit of cat anatomy. He is being well looked after by my vet, and I know that there is simply no way to know, but I'd like to hear from anyone who has treated this kind of injury and what your experiences were with recovery.

My Sister had a kitten with a similar problem. She had run over it's tail with her car and the cat pulled so hard it damaged the nerves in it's back end. It had no control over it's bowels or bladder, plus it's tail was paralyzed. That was 6 months ago and with the exception of it's tail, it made a complete recovery. Every so often, they would put the cat in it's litter box & squeeze it's hips together & cause it to do it's business. It gradually recovered.

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