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How long will I recover from Spinal Fusion?

I had spinal fusion - L4-L5 with rods and screws and a cage put in May 20th - a month ago today. Also laminectomy- bone - lots of bone growth cut away that was pressing on my spine -bone spurs- Dx: DDD and Stenosis.

Still having quite a bit of pain - back and legs- but leg pain IS somewhat better than before surgery.

Just wondering how long till I get some pain relief on my legs and back??

If I am up too much, I suffer -

I have a failed back fusion (no hardware). It can take up to 3 months (if you aren't a diabetic) to get over any major surgery, and yours was about as major as it gets. I do have to say that you may be expecting too much to have any pain relief from surgery. They don't do back surgery to relieve pain, they do it to preserve function, no matter what they may tell you. I had to write a letter stating that I did NOT expect any pain relief before I could get the surgeon I was required to go to to even schedule my surgery. Since the surgeon I was required to use was paid regardless of the number of surgeries he did or didn't do, he had the ability to be honest with me as it wouldn't affect his paycheck one way or another. As it ended up, he didn't even do my surgery. In truth, my pain never got any better and has been getting worse, as has the situation with my back. I would suggest finding a pain specialist and seeing what your options are for long term pain relief.

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