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Do you have any suggestions about what to do after Spina Bifida Fetal Surgery?

I have a close friend that is 23 weeks pg. A few weeks ago she found out that her baby has spina bifida. With careful consideration, she and her dh decided that fetal surgery was their best option. The surgery was performed last Wed and now she is home from the hospital. Because of the extreme risk of preterm labor, she is now on pump meds and strict bed rest. My friend is scared and in pain from the surgery. Any of you that are religious, they could certainly use your prayers for their little girl.

Anyway, on to my real reason for posting. I am feeling very bad for my friend and a little helpless because there is so little that I can do for her besides pray. I was thinking about it and came up with the idea to make her a basket to help her get through these long weeks ahead. I know that several of you were on bed rest during your pg, so I thought that you might possibly have some suggestions. What would be good things to get her? I thought of a book, magazines or gift certificates to the local Blockbuster, but was having a hard time coming up with other things. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a list of what I enjoyed the most.

1) Crosswords

2) Parenting magazines

3) Sanitizing had gel, I was very limited so if I sneezed or something I felt cleaner by sanitizing my hands.

4) Wipeys, same clean issue. Not butt wipeys just wet ones or something like that, I could use them on my face. ( I will never take a shower for granted again)

5) Classical music, it was relaxing and good for baby.

6) Mints or hard candies something for the dry mouth.

8) Most Important , a big insulated mug with lid and a straw hole, To drink all that water without the glass sweating. I had one for strictly water it was blue, and a green one for Gatorade etc.

9) Kleenex in pretty boxes, silly I know but I really liked the bright boxes it cheered me up.

10) If her hair is long: after awhile my hair really bothered me if it touched my face so I got some bands to keep it away from my face.

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