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Dou you have any experience with Spina Bifida Diagnosis ?

Initially, when we were given the diagnosis of spina bifida, we were told a c-section was recommended. It made sense what the doctor said (less chance of injury to the lesion), and we were planning on doing that.

Well, the next three or physicians said there was no reason I couldn't do a vaginal birth. I was really ecstatic about that, and they pretty much laid any anxieties about injury to the site to rest. Or so I thought. This week, I keep thinking about this. What if I damage my baby more by having a vaginal birth? Are these other doctors right? How do I KNOW? Obviously, I'm worrying. Didn't think I'd do that after I made up my mind!

We are also facing an induction now rather than being "allowed" to go into labor on my own. I really, really dread, fear, despise the idea of an induction. I'm just afraid that I'll go through the induction, end up with a c-section, and have a harder recovery than if I go for a c-section in the first place. We still haven't been scheduled for an induction, so I might still have a chance to go into labor on my own. That is what I want the most, but I've all of a sudden got a ton of worries heaping up on me! I'm sure it's a bit normal, but I figured I'd post here. If I talk about it, I just end up crying and getting the other people in my life anxious. They are probably the ones causing that anxiety in a way because some people are questioning the wisdom of the doctors for allowing me to have a vaginal birth. My mother keeps sharing stories of people she's talked to who think a c-section is absolutely warranted. A couple of these are nurses and chiropracters or people who've had kids with sb (she knows a lot of people!).

I'm really just trying to work this out in my head. Thanks for li

I don't know anything about your diagnosis of spina bifida, and I don't know anything about birthing spina bifida babies.


How and when was the spina bifida diagnosed? Ultrasound? when? Has the diagnosis been confirmed? Another ultrasound? When? Have you gotten a second opinion? I think this is too serious a question to leave up to the judgement of a single care provider. I strongly recommend a second opinion.

Next, I know little about the dangers about birthing a spina bifida baby. I would suspect, however that there must be degrees of the condition, and that is what your caregivers are talking about when they talk about the safety of vaginal birth versus c-section. It would help to know just to what degree they have diagnosed the seriousness of the condition. Yet another reason for a second opinion.

Finally, I am *really* suspicious about the induction talk. If they think that it is safe to birth vaginally rather than by c-section, what possible advantage could there be to induction? I would ask for study results that show that induction provides better outcomes. I would doubt that they can produce them. I might even ask Ericka to see if she could find any information on vaginally birthing spina bifida babies.

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