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can you tell me how Spina Bifida could effect my wife during pregnancy?

My wife has spina bifida occulta at the S1. She is eleven weeks pregnant. We did not know of this history until now. I was wondering what effects this could have on her pregnancy as well as the baby. From what I read it sounds like it is not genetic and taking prenatal vitamins will supplie enough folic acid to minimize the chance of spina bifida occuring to the baby. Please tell me what other concerns I should have and if I'm missing anything imortant. Also, I would like to know how this could effect my wife during her pregnancy.

I have SBO at sacral 1, lumbar 5 and carried my son perfectly happily. Of course, I felt ike a galleon in full sail or a beached whale, depending on the circumstances! I cannot lie on my back, I have to pull my knees up because of the hip problem I also had. So I did the pre- natal exercises standing against a wall! The back did get worse but we raised the foot of the bed as the osteopath advised and I slept with a pillow between my knees to help pelvic alignment, and lower back pain, and it helped. Turning over was a problem in bed, and getting out of it, but I slid to the edge, clung on and just fell out and landed on my feet.

The problems were little - no exxtra pain and I could walk OK. Same afterward. Tell her to start pulling her toes toward herself, ie arch her soles of her feet as soon as she's had the baby to tone up the pelvic floor muscles and make the womb shrink back to normal. Doing those exercises within hours of having my son saved months of problems, believe me.

I also had a normal birth apart from the fact my son decided to put his foot through the membrane then stay put! I had to be induced to prevent a dry birth but that was fine. I had an epidural into my lower spine and watched the scanner to see when I was having a contraction! Almost as good as going away for the weekend and letting someone else do the birth for me! And the epidural didn't affect my son. He scored 7 on the APGAR scale, which rates initial colour and respiration and reflex response of the baby at the moment of birth. To get higher than 7 he would have had to sit up and shake hands with the midwife they said. So all should be fine, don't worry.

My son? Well, he is as bright as me, and I'm a Mensan. Hey, we have to have a disability, don't we, or every one would be jealous of us!

Have a great time, and a lovely baby. I thoroughly enjoyed my pregnancy and am still enjoying my son who's coming on 13 now. No signs of SBO, you'll be glad to know.

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