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can you give me some comments on my case(diagnosis as spinal stenosis)?

Today I went to the pain clinic and got the third of a series of spinal injections for my back which they diagnosis as spinal stenosis. I was wondering some of your thoughts on the subject. These shots usually last me about a month and then I am again in so much pain that I cannot stand it. I have no life, I cant sit, stand or lie in any comfortable position. I was told in the beginning by a back surgeon, my orthopedist and my rummy that surgery would be the only cure. I am frightened of having spinal surgery. Has anyone had this. I was also wondering if the spinal injections which is steroids are any less harmful than taking of prednisone? Predsisone also helps the pain but my rummy dont want me to stay on it.. I really dont know what to do at this point. looks as if surgery may be my only option.please send me some comments

After reading your description of not being able to sit, stand or lie and be comfortable, I knew I had to answer.

A few years ago, I was in your shoes. I could sometimes find a contorted position in a leaning down against something, but it was always a short-lived comfort.

I had surgery to repair the herniated disk and relieve the stenosis and had almost instant relief. Just hours after the surgery, I was able to ride back home in a car in fair, but post-op, comfort. I could lie back down when I got home and even tended to my own needs alone. The key word here is post-op level.

I have two herniated disks again and the stenosis is steadily increasing. I've endured a series of epidural injections, a series of spinal injections like yours and a couple of sets of PT. I'm at the point that I can stand only a few minutes at a time and my right hip and leg and my lower back go into such painful spasms, I have to sit down or fall down. Raising my hips in bed or attempting to turn over is sheer torture.

I'd jump at the chance to have the surgery again, but I have to wait in some other health care information first.

There can be risks related with the surgery, but I'd take my chances to get rid of this disabling pain.

What you decide has to be your and your doctor's decision. I told you what I'd do. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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