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Can you tell me what to do with my fish(she has a curved spine)?

My neon tetra has a curved spine. I went to my pet store and was given a drug called TriSulfa by Mardel Laboratories, Inc. Well, the fish is still hanging on, but the curve isn't any better. It looks like her back actually has a "V" in it. She shakes when she turns, and hides alot.

I medicated her while she was in the tank with the other fish (per store instructions) so the other fish could be helped if they had the beginnings of the same disease. All the medicine did was make the tank cloudy (so I could barely see the fish), and cause all the fish to go the bottom of the tank and lose color. I've had to do water changes daily in order to bring their color back and help them to swim at mid-tank again.

Can anyone tell me what to do? In addition to her curved back, she is bloated and very shiny (almost like she is full of eggs). The orange stripe on her tail is black on the curved part.

She is in a 10G tank with an UGF. I've tested for everthing, and the water is fine. She shares her tank with 4 Red-eyed Tetras and 5 neons.

--Maybe I should add that she is one of the first fish I ever bought, so she's been with me since October 1994. I'm not sure how old she was when I bought her, but could this curved spine be a sign of "old age"?

Yes it could be "old age"-at least danios get curved spines when they get old. It could also be a genetic defect showing up, or (I'm not implying anything about you) I have seen malnurished fish get curved spines-some variety in the diet may be needed.

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