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Can you tell me what actually is the symptom of spinal stenosis?

I am 35 male. Recently I have some back pain on my left.MRI show some part of my spinal tocuhes the nerve and my Dr told me its due to spinal stenosis. He mentioned it is inborn, or heredity.

I dont really feel leg pain when I walk.But do feel some pain at the back, same spot. So is itreally spinal stenosis. My Dr also recommend me surgery but I am afraid.

Anyone pls help? What actually is the symptom of spinal stenosis. I read that the patient usually suffer leg pain but I didnt. Though I feel tired when I walk.

Surgery is "usually" recommended based on extent of progression of the stenosis and amount of nerve involvement. The Dr. should have performed a series of reflex tests, the little hammer thingy, to determine how much the nerves are effected. Is the stenosis in spinal canal or one of the openings the nerves pass through to the body (foraminal)? Some of the indicators in my stenosis was pain in my arms and sense of swollen hands, dragging of my left foot occaisionally (like I couldn't quite lift my leg high enough to take a full step), dropping things for no apparent reason. My tests showed excessive reaction in my left leg to the little hammer thingy. Another symptom is loss of bladder and/or bowel control. Areas affected are generally below the point of stenosis. Be careful with this. Once the nerves have been damaged there is no going back, it's a done deal. I have had successful surgery on my neck stenosis. It was pretty severe and I was lucky. I was advised not to wait too long to decide what to do. The worse it gets the more difficult the surgery. It is a scarey thing, I agree totally. Not having it done is scarey too if it is progressing.

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