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Would like tell me experiences of others who have had a positive test of spina bifida and their child was ok?

My daugher is going for a 2nd level ultrasound to determine if her baby has spina bifida. Last week she had a blood test done which came back abnormal for spina bifida. We were told that there is a 90% false positive rate and that her baby has a 1 in 10000 chance of having this defect. I would like to hear about the experiences others who have had a positive test and their baby was ok. This is her 5th pregnancy attempt. (4 prior m/c's at 10, 8, 8, 14 weeks). She had a septate uterus repaired prior to this pregnancy.

Should your grandchild indeed have spina bifida please feel reassured that the child can indeed have a normal life. My nephew has the disease and is a happy 10yr old with lots of friends and attends mainstream school. Spina bifida rarely effects intelligence. It can have some severe dibilitating effects such as parallysis. Lots of children with spina bifida eventually learn to walk with the aid of braces however some do not. But this is not an excuse to abort these children during pregnacy. I pray that your daughter will not consider that as an "option". The early years of a child with spina bifida can be emotionally disturbing. It's very difficult to see a newborn that's disfigured. These children also require a lot of different types of surgeries in the first few years. But these children are fighters just like any child and they need mom & dad to fight with them. The web site below has a large database on pratically every disease. Look for a link titled "for patients" to begin your search:

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