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Can you give me some information about the surgery of Cervical Spine Injuries?

My Brother Ganesh had a road accident around 6-month back. He is having spinal cord injury. According to Doctors it is Cervical spine injury and to be operated soon. Neurosurgeon operated him and provided clamps at C5-C6. Now his lower trunk and both the legs ie portion bellow chest dose not have motion. But he is having touched sensation there. He is having very good hand motion and grip to hold things. The odd thing about it is that he doesn't feel any pain in the lower part of his body. Now a days he is undergoing Physiotherapy exercises. He has been seen by different Neurosurgeons, since then but told no hopes of further improvement. Does any body have any info about the surgery or what we could do other wise?

It sounds like he suffered a partial transection of the spinal cord at his time of injury. The surgery was to stabilize the spine so no further injury would occur (making his problem worse).

Your brother is effectively a paraplegic, and will be unable to use his lower body until further advances are made in this type of injury. The reason is that nerve cells do not "grow bacK" like hair and skin does. They grow VERY slowly if at all, to the point that most people dont redevelop sensation in their lifetime. There has been research in certain lower animals (squid) that have regrown nerve cells, but there is not any treatment like that in humans that I am aware of.

He (and you) need to accept his injury and move on with life, and adapt/overcome his disablilty as much as possible.

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