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Can you give me some advice on Cervical Spinal Stenosis case ?

I am a 30 to 35 year old male who has been diagnosed with Cervical Spinal Stenosis at the C1-C2 level. My C1 has fused to the occiputal bone (base of my skull). I also have lateral recess stenosis at the C2-C3 level. I have cord indentation at the C1-C2 level and possible nerve impingement on the foraminal openings around C2-C3.

I have been told by both a well-respected chiropractor and othropedic surgeon that it appears as if I had a severe head injury and possibly broke or fractured some bones in my neck when I was a kid. They both stated that I needed to see a neurosurgeon. I am now about to see the neurosurgeon and have been waiting for two months for the appointment.

I suffer from severe pain in my neck and upper back and expericence numbing and hot/cold sensations regularly. I also get occasional headaches that were previously diagnosed as migraines.

I have tried Naproxen (makes me have severe stomach cramps), Vioxx- 25 and 50mg(makes my feet cold and numb), and Vicodin (5mg/500mg.) None of these help with the pain.

Does anyone have any advice as to what I should discuss with the neurosurgeon? What medications will help?

Any input is greatly appreciated.

If i were you I think I'd look for a "Pain Clinic" that has a Rhumatologist guiding it. They tend to look at pain as being somthing you shouldn't suffer with when it can be relieved.

You don't say where you are, but if you're in Illinois, there's a good clinic in Schaumburg, Il right by O'Hare airport. Dr. Cary Dachmann.

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