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Can you tell me when I can have a normal life after having a surgery on Central Spinal Stenosis?

I am a 68 year old male in good mental & physical condition from two hours exercise per day since 1996. I will have back surgery in a few weeks. My diagnosis is Degenerative Disc Disease, spondylosis and central spinal stenosis. The vertebrae are very unstable and slide around a lot. There will be discectomies and fusions at L3/4 & L4/5. L1/2 & L2/3 have loss of normal water content. Bone will be removed from pelvis to place in my spine ---"and other cleanup." I will be on my feet the afternoon of the surgery to begin walking therapy. After two or three days in hospital, I will go home with a body brace to be worn for three months. In the past two years, I have visited four back surgeons and have selected Dr. Jose E Rodriguez of Houston Texas.

Naturally, I have some questions and will appreciate answers and opinions.

How debilitating will the body brace be?

Does anyone know anything about Dr Jose E Rodriguez?

When can I expect to return to normal life activity such as standing up for more than a few minutes?

How long before normal sexual activity might resume? (Yes, ol' farts still have sex :-})

Can't help you with your questions, but you may be able to find out the information you are seeking on the doctor at this link.

It is the Texas State Board for Doctors. Hope your surgery goes well and you have a quick and complete recovery.

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